My name is Drew.
@Drew_Boro on Twitter and Instagram.

I was raised in a culture that only those within can really relate to.
I came out of the womb a Christian and Homeschooled.

It was a bizarre upbringing. My faith, knowledge and worldview was handed down to me from my parents basically until my first year of public school, at 16. Even then I championed those values for about 4-6 more years and even started the Teen-Aged Republicans club ((TARS) YUCK, WORST NAME EVER) in High School, and then went to a Bible College. It was in 2013 I met Jesus in a dirty, grimy, yet beautiful tunnel covered in graffiti in Utica Michigan. Over the course of the next few months I learned to value the story of each person who came through that tunnel (just like Jesus does) as we painted and played music into the late hours of the morning. Since then I have planted myself in the city of Detroit, a city made of legacies–people that each contain a whole universe of story within them. When those stories come together they are unstoppable. We’re already seeing it! I thank God every day for the adventure I’ve been on and the people I get to meet and experience.