It’s Turtles All the Way Down (I promise This Will Pay Off)

A few weeks back I was feeling.

Maybe too much.

For those of you who do not know what that is like it can be wonderful and terrible at the same time.

In my experience if I lean into, acknowledge it, or just ride it out something interesting comes out the other end.

It was one of those weeks where unmentionable things were happening in the news and all you want to do is delete all social media and binge watch “Newsroom”.

I am not often one to comment on such things but eventually I saw something I could not ignore.


Whether it’s Charles Barclay or the your uncle over the holidays it often shocks me who holds onto this belief that we are living on a giant crunch-wrap supreme under a dome shaped sky (don’t ever write when you’re hungry).

It also shocks me the reasons some people have for believing this.

Some quote scripture that is thousands of years old describing a firmament (the sky is a dome and the stars are holes in it) or the pillars that the earth sits on.

Some question whether the earth having an axis can even be proven, or cite a world-wide governmental conspiracy.

So I got curious.

I went down the rabbit hole (or turtle hole) and as you will see the hole goes way deeper than I ever could have imagined.

So first of all those things are in scripture.

The Bible is a snapshot in time of how ancient people experienced God and the world around them and so naturally they included some of that language about their old word cosmology into their narratives and poems.

The thing is as time went on that belief was abandoned but that is not the issue here.

The issue is that if you are trying to believe as they believed you are not going far enough!

Let me explain why.

Many ancient people groups including those inhabiting North America at the time, The Kelts and the Israelites believed the earth was flat but there was more to it than that.

They believed the sky was a dome, that the earth sat on pillars, and those pillars sat….

On top….

Of a giant turtle….

Floating through space!!!!

Let’s go deeper.

With the turtle now all out in the open we find ourselves in something called the infinite regress problem.

(Look it up on wikipedia for a brief summary)

In the end it says the turtle has to be on top of something.

(remember in Cosmos when the guy shot the arrow and it either hit something or went on forever and this repeated?)

So lets just say it is on top of something.

Let’s say that thing is another turtle.

Why not right?

It’d have to be a bigger turtle than the one before it.

So now that turtle also has to be on top of something larger.

Why not say it’s another turtle?

Why not say it’s turtles all the way down?

This is how ideas work to.

All knowledge, every idea has to be built on something, having a larger foundation.

It also shows me that even if it was full of turtles of ever increasing size, they still could have an infinite universe full of wonder and awe; something that I can absolutely be okay with because isn’t that the point?


Something so vast and beautiful that it draws you in to question, then to answer, then to question, then to answers that lead to more questions and so on!

It’s a beautiful thing.

So in my angst and feeling I made a graphic, I got a quote, and will soon be ordering these shirts.


They’re $20 each, what size would you like?

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