Wait… It’s Getting Better!?

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Only in looking back can I see the redemptive nature of much suffering in the world.


This absolutely blew my mind this week and I could not wait to share!

The World Health Organization, the same W.H.O. Peter Capaldi played a Doctor for in World War Z (Doctor W.H.O.), says that in 1820 92% of the world was in poverty.
In 2013 it was 21%, and a recent news report said that in 2017 it will only be a predicted 9.6%.
God is still not done redeeming the poor.

There is less slavery in the world today than ever before in history.
God is still not done redeeming those in bondage.

The same World Health Organization in September stated that 2015 was the most peaceful year in the history of mankind with less deaths due to war than any year on record and it is not even close!
God is still not done bringing Peace.

Life expectancy in Jesus day was 31-32.
By the year 1550 it jumped up to 37 years old and by 1850 it jumped to 51.
It stayed there until 1928 when penicillin was invented, jumping to age 79!
God is STILL not done redeeming!!!
It gets better…

In Jesus day, orgies as temple sacrifice and the sexual assault and rape of Children in the streets were common place.
The University of Washington just put out a study saying that the generation turning 30 right now has had half of the sexual partners of the preceding generation and got married much older (30).
I guess previous generations were just more private about it.
God is not done redeeming sexuality!!!!

All of this in mind, how is it we focus so much on the negative?
I suppose our world view and view of our nation tends to come from media. Media really does put it more in our face and they’ll only show you what gets ratings (sex, violance, bad news.)
That worldview though is contrary to the truth and the faith I proclaim in Jesus Christ’s work.

If you want to go back to a “better time” where would you go?
If you were not white or a woman you wouldn’t make it.

Would you rather have had dental work done today or in 1950 or 1850 or in 1550 where they just helped you pull your teeth…


If you ever hear anyone saying “God is in control” and “this world is going to hell in a hand-basket” (that would have to be a pretty big hand-basket) they probably really don’t believe that God is in control.
Certainly that He’s not good and that He does not get what He wants.
They believe in a weak monster God who enjoys to watch us suffer as things get worse.
Thankfully this is not reality.

Point is this world is getting better!
It is not a lost cause!
WE are God’s answer to the suffering in the world and redemption is for the WHOLE WORLD that God so loved!

Experience Hope,

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  1. Tevin Jordan Monroe · February 6, 2016

    You’re have a beautiful soul, Drew. 🙂


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