I did draw once. Thinking back I Drew.

cropped-file-jul-27-6-23-25-pm.jpegHey all!

Anyone else feel like they’re going through a time of transition? I have this anticipation right now for whats coming next and I feel it in my bones. It’s like electricity around me. I’m 24 years old and going to be 25 next month. Maybe it’s getting older. Maybe its growing up or experiencing a tension to grow up. I’m not sure exactly what it is but with it has come this itch. I feel like I have words I have to get out. Cheesy jokes like the bad word play in the title, thoughts on culture that are rattling around in my head, and meditations on wonder that keep me day dreaming.

So if you would like to join me on this venture into mystery, humor, and growing up in this post post modern age I just have to say all are welcome.
It can be chaotic at times but sometimes there is a greater order in chaos than we realize.


What’s on my mind?
I was raised on the Bible and Christian culture, I was home-schooled, and now I am in my 20’s trying to simply follow Jesus and His example of how to love in the world. This is the Lens I perceive life through.

Having said all that most of my thoughts tend to relate back to Christ and culture. I’ve been meaning to write a blog since July but we know it can be scary publishing your own words at times. Today I looked at a blank page with a silly pun title as I have about once a month since and was reminded on John 12:32. In the Gospels, an account of Jesus life and ministry in the Bible, Christ is speaking to a crowd and some crazy stuff happens. Jesus speaks about the cycle of new life and even references His own coming death. Creepy huh? In referencing His death He mentions that after He is “lifted up” (crucified) that He will draw all men unto Himself.

What does that mean!?
I do happen to love that it is something that He did and He did draw so i can use it in this post but seriously what is that supposed to mean?!
People often think they are separated from God. When they mess up they think they are often getting further away from ever being able to be in good standing with a God who is perfect. Maybe that is just what has been modeled for us. Maybe in our families growing up when we messed up we were held to a crazy standard and felt awkward for months because we were a disgrace to the people who raised us. Irreconcilable screw ups.
Jesus Christ came to model perfect relationship for us. I believe God became man and drew near to us so that we would know we were wanted and loved. Jesus Died showing us that no greater love exists than that a man lay down His life for His friends, and He did just that.
The call went out. A man died to show us we could draw near to God.

There’s a mystery here.
Jesus being lifted up on a cross drew all men unto Himself according to John 12:32.
Later on James writes about how if you draw near to God He will draw near to you.

So which is it????

I think it’s both.

What’s the point????

No matter who you are or what you are going through, no matter what you have done or what others may say about you, God is near to you.
I know this because God became Human. He stood in solidarity with your pain and everything you have ever gone through. Every doubt, every pain, and every slander.
He want’s you to be near to Him. He want’s a relationship with you. To show you what true love is. Not fix everything in your life but to stand with you through it.

God did draw.

it’s more than a bad pun.

Experience Hope,

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